Thursday, December 15, 2016

DVD Movie Release: Greater and Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

I hope that everyone is getting ready to celebrate Christmas with the families. I think during the Christmas season, it is a great activity to share with the family. Make a big batch of popcorn and chocolate snacks and just pile around in the living room and enjoy some good movies. Everyone can just take a break during the holidays and relax and spend some good quality time together, even if it is just hanging out in front of the tv. I love to watch movies as I am sure most of you do. However, I often find that the general movie going public needs more variety that includes faith and an uplifting message. My husband and I have begun to seek out those types of movies and I recently watched a movie called Greater and one called Hillsong-Let Hope Rise.

Info on Greater

Have you ever had a dream? A dream that you knew was more than likely impossible to reach and many others thought the same thing? Yet, you still held on to that dream and did everything possible to make it happen? I love to hear stories of people that accomplish the impossible, even if it doesn't always end in a happy ending. I like to cheer on the underdog and it gives me inspiration for my own life and dreams.

I encourage each of you to watch the movie entitled Greater. It is the story of Brandon Burlsworth, a guy that dreamed of playing football for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Brandon, as a walk on with the team strives and overcomes and accomplishes his goals. However,the story is about more than a dream, it is a movie about family and faith and sometimes bad things happen to those good people. This movie gets me very excited as I am thrilled that more movies based on Faith and Christianity are starting to be produced. And that these movies don't always show that everything is happy and all works out in the end.

Info on Hillsong-Let Hope Rise

Hillsong, a Christian music group from Australia, has allowed cameras to document their journey. The members tell about how they joined the group and their faith, it follows them on tour and shares some of the time they are home and the interaction of their families. The music if phenomenal and you get a look into how they write the songs they sing and the role that faith plays in that process. Although this movie is a documentary style, I urge you to still check it out. It is a refreshing burst of faith and music.

Both of these movies are going to be released on DVD on Tuesday, December 20, so be sure and get them both so you can enjoy with your family over Christmas.