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I have recently started couponing and I love the savings. I know it is getting more popular these days but I am wondering if any of you don't use them? If you use very few or none at all and would be interested in sending them to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Please leave a comment below with your email so I can contact you if you are interested.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Common English Bible Help for Today

I went out to get in my car to drive to work this morning and barely made it down the road, only to discover that I had a flat tire. As I looked at the tire, I noticed a large slash that could really have only occurred if someone had slashed it. So, I spent my morning waiting on a cop to show up and take a report. He very graciously put my spare on for me while he was there. I have a very good idea of who did this but since I didn't see it take place, I can't say for sure. However, we have a neighbor that has been causing a little havoc on our street and seems to be the most likely culprit. The cop mentioned her by name to me when he realized where I lived as there have been other reports lately on her. So, I am putting it mildly when I say that I am very upset. I have to miss a half a day of work and spend money for a new tire, that I did not have. I thought this would be a very good occasion to consult my new translation of the Common English Bible to help me lose the anger and practice forgiveness.

Please join me today in reading your Bible to help with whatever trials you have had today. You can register in a post from yesterday to win your own copy of the Common English Bible to be given away next Sunday. I will be giving away one every Sunday for three months, so you have tons of chances to win a copy. I have the badge posted on the right side of my blog so you can link straight to their site to find out all the information of what this translation offers. Enjoy! And I hope your day is much better than mine has been so far.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Giveaways

I wanted to make a post about the book giveaways that I offer here on my blog. The giveaways are sponsored by publishers that allow me to post about them on my blog. Once the winners have been randomly selected, I send the name and address directly to the publisher. The books are sent out from the publisher, I do not send the books out. I do not have the books in my possession to send out and I felt I needed to clarify as there has been some question as to the delivery of books that are won on my blog. I apologize if anyone has not received a book that was won on this blog as I have submitted all names up to this point for all contests ever held on this blog. If you do not receive a book, I contact the publisher to let them know and then it is again up to them to research as to whether the book was mailed out and/or send out a new copy or not. Often a winner will have won the book on more than one blog but the publisher will only send the winner one copy and that can play a factor as well.

I do want to be notified if you do not receive a book so that I can do all I can do and work with the publisher to get you a copy. However, I do ask that you please do not email me numerous times with harassing comments about me sending out a book that was won. With that being said, I hope that everyone will still enjoy the blog and the contests I offer and understand how the process works.

Book Giveaway: Common English Bible

I have one copy to giveaway of the new translation entitled Common English Bible. Please leave a comment below with a way to contact you if you are the winner. Good luck! Be sure to click on the badge on the side of my blog to learn more about this translation.

Winner-Common English Bible

The winner for the first week of the Common English Bible is Steve C. in Kansas. Congrats Steve!
I have a copy of this new Bible translation to giveaway every week for three months so if you didn't win this week, you still have plenty of chances. Look for a post each week to enter.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

National Bible Week

In celebration of National Bible Week and the new translation called the Common English Bible, I started thinking about the different translations. I am a King James version girl and I always have been. I do consult other translations from time to time but I have always used the King James as my main source. I think it is because that is the first translation I ever had and I just got used to always using it over the years before other translations began getting popular. It got me curious as to see what translations that others use the most and are you open to trying new ones?
You can check out the Common English Bible and tell me what you think.

Book Giveaway: Spontaneous Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. But what does that really mean? Increasingly, scientific evidence shows us that true satisfaction and well-being come only from within.

Dr. Andrew Weil has proven that the best way to maintain optimum physical health is to draw on both conventional and alternative medicine. Now, in Spontaneous Happiness, he gives us the foundation for attaining and sustaining optimum emotional health. Rooted in Dr. Weil's pioneering work in integrative medicine, the book suggests a reinterpretation of the notion of happiness, discusses the limitations of the biomedical model in treating depression, and elaborates on the inseparability of body and mind.

Dr. Weil offers an array of scientifically proven strategies from Eastern and Western psychology to counteract low mood and enhance contentment, comfort, resilience, serenity, and emotional balance. Drawn from psychotherapy, mindfulness training, Buddhist psychology, nutritional science, and more, these strategies include body-oriented therapies to support emotional wellness, techniques for managing stress and anxiety and changing mental habits that keep us stuck in negative patterns, and advice on developing a spiritual dimension in our lives. Lastly, Dr. Weil presents an eight-week program that can be customized according to specific needs, with short- and long-term advice on nutrition, exercise, supplements, environment, lifestyle, and much more.

Whether you are struggling with depression or simply want to feel happier, Dr. Weil's revolutionary approach will shift the paradigm of emotional health and help you achieve greater contentment in your life.

I have three copies of this book to giveaway. The contest is open to US and Canada, just leave a comment below to enter. The winners will be chosen on December 20.

Book Giveaway: Queen of America

After the bloody Tomochic rebellion, Teresita Urrea, beloved healer and "Saint of Cabora," flees with her father to Arizona. But their plans are derailed when she once again is claimed as the spiritual leader of the Mexican Revolution. Besieged by pilgrims and pursued by assassins, Teresita embarks on a journey through turn-of-the-century industrial America-New York, San Francisco, St. Louis. She meets immigrants and tycoons, European royalty and Cuban poets, all waking to the new American century. And as she decides what her own role in this modern future will be, she must ask herself: can a saint fall in love?

At turns heartbreaking, uplifting, and riotously funny, QUEEN OF AMERICA reconfirms Luis Alberto Urrea's status as a writer of the first rank.

I have three copies to giveaway and it is open to US and Canada only. Please leave a comment below. The winners will be chosen on December 15.

National Bible Week

In celebration of National Bible Week and the Common English Bible translation blog tour, I am going to post some Bible verses and other information about the new translation over a three month period. I hope you will enjoy the posts. You can learn more about this translation at Common English Bible.
Don't forget to look at my previous posts and enter to win your own copy for free.

2 Timothy 3:15-17 (CEB): “15 Since childhood you have known the holy scriptures that help you to be wise in a way that leads to salvation through faith that is in Christ Jesus. 16 Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character, 17 so that the person who belongs to God can be equipped to do everything that is good.”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giveaway: Common English Bible

I am participating in a 3 month long blog tour for a new Bible translation. I hope you will watch for my daily posts on this translation and great stories, verses, and information. I am giving away one copy of this translation for each week of the blog tour. Please leave a comment below with an email address so I can contact you. Also, you must follow the blog to be entered. The contests is open to US residents only and the winner for this week will be chosen on Sunday, November 27.

For more information on this translation: Common English Bible

Blog Tour: Thank You-Come Again-I Promise

I am participating in a three month long blog tour that is starting today, in honor of National Bible Week. The tour is to celebrate the publication of a new Bible version called the Common English Bible. I hope that you will watch my blog over the next three months for various posts about this Bible translation. I wanted to start this off by giving a few resources.

You can like the Facebook page.
If you like the page, you will be able to immediately print off beautiful calligraphy Bible verses. A great way to share your favorites with friends and family during the National Bible Week or during the holiday season. I hope you will check it out.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Feature: Inspired Design

Drawing from a rich family history and her own collection of acclaimed designs, California-based interior designer Roxanne Packham has joined with her teenage daughter Hannah to create Inspired Design (Inspired Design Publications), an idea-provoking book filled with stunning photographs, treasured family traditions and a plethora of truly inspirational tips for creating a warm and welcoming home, not just throughout the holiday season, but every day to follow.

Whether seeking unique ways to entertain for the upcoming holidays, celebrate with friends, begin new family traditions or showcase the family history, talents and passions in the home’s interior design, the Packhams have shown the way. In doing so, they have utilized the beautifully structured pages of Inspired Design to reveal the classic truth that any home is made more beautiful when it is filled with love, joy and the determination to make those who enter it feel welcomed.

10 Tips for Setting a Beautiful Holiday Table

By Roxanne Hughes Packham,

Co-Author of the Hospitality Book: Inspired Design

In today’s rough economic climate, keep in mind that although I hope to inspire you to set a beautiful Thanksgiving or Christmas table the real beauty comes from the thought and love you show your friends and family. Beautiful tables comprise equal parts from the “Inspired” & the “Design” categories. See examples:


~Place cards

I love to use the ceramic place cards that can be written on with a wipe-off marker. You can quickly write people’s names, a favorite quote or sentiment. Friends love that you thought about them before the dinner and even something as simple as writing their names on the place cards really makes them feel remembered.

~Welcome Sign

It is so welcoming, to have a sign somewhere near the front door to greet your family and friends. From a very personal “Welcome Smith Family” or a seasonal “Merry Christmas” to “We are so glad you are here” on a casual chalkboard or an elegant mirror or glass framed, and write with a wipe-off marker, that welcome sets the tone for the rest of the event. I used an antique French cupboard door and painted it with chalkboard paint on the raised panel part.

~Quote or Scripture

The most inspirational part of the Holiday table is the beautiful quotes and scriptures. It depends on the occasion, but a quote that is either inspiring or focused on gratitude is the favorite. There is nothing like feasting your eyes, and then your thoughts, on what we can be thankful for, especially as an example for our children. Scattering them around the home (powder room, end tables, above door jam’s) is a great way to elevate your family and friends thoughts.


~Fresh Greenery

Sometimes we mistakenly think a tabletop has to have flowers as a centerpiece to be really elegant and festive. Greenery is a wonderful, fresh and festive way to make a beautiful Christmas table. Simply cut a few small twigs of trees/bushes like pine or ivy, or my favorite boxwood branches, bay tree and magnolia leaves and put them in three smaller glass or crystal vases.


No table is complete, in my opinion, with 5 to 7 little glass votives with white candles in them. The light sparkles and makes everything else on the table more beautiful and sets a soft, relaxing, often more romantic tone.

~Seasonal Piece

By seasonal I suggest a “Santa” figurine or such, a gingerbread house, or a standing cross to have in the center of the table. A clear jar of candy canes, M&M’s or such would do just fine, as well. Think: Something available only at this time of year. I usually have plenty of items in the Holiday Decor that I switch out to put on the table for each dinner.

~Napkin Rings

These can be such a pretty way to pull a linen napkin through to set on a place and make a really beautiful table setting. You can use french ribbons, or plain silver rings and they help to really make a bigger impact for an inspiring table.

~Sparkling Glasses

Whether crystal or glass, tall freshly washed glass sparkle so much with the votive candles that it is hard to wrong with this combo. A tall glass and short glass of whatever kind you like is very dramatic and beautiful, set together. Whether colored or clear the sparkle is crucial for the holiday table.

~White Plates

Although I love to use seasonal chargers and salad plates a crisp white plate is the most beautiful element to my favorite tables. They can be dressed up or down, and makes each setting look fresh and not heavy and overdone.

~Seasonal Linens

Of course, linen napkins add the most wonderful touch of elegance to any table, and Christmas plaid or red and green are no exception. My grandfather, who was a “Silversmith to the Stars”, loved a bare table with only plates (or placemats) but wasn’t a fan of covering a beautiful wood table. I have followed suit. Try leaving the wood table bare! The natural elements together is beautiful and simple.

“I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


I know that many book lovers are also writers and aspiring to get published. I would fit into that category and I have started to get my butt in gear lately and really start to work on writing and start submitting in the hopes of being published. I came across some publishers that are looking for submissions and wanted to share with those of you that are like me and dream of one day accomplishing that goal.

The three publishers listed here are looking for fiction submissions.
Bellevue Literary Press
Insomniac Press
Soft Skull Press

Literary Agents looking for Submissions.
Barer Literary
Accept queries via traditional mail and e-mail (no phone or fax queries). This agency is looking for about any fiction genre that is not romance, thrillers and suspense.

Sandra Dijkstra Literary
Has a need for novel submissions, but there's a catch: Sandra Dijkstra herself is not accepting unsolicited submissions. However, four of the other agents in the agency are accepting submissions via e-mail.

Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
Allows prospective novelists to make submissions via an electronic submission form on their website. They represent a wide range of fiction projects—good stories are what they want.

Victoria Sanders and Associates
Accepts novel submissions via e-mail (both query and first three chapters—or about 25 pages in the body of the message). Currently looking for action, adventure, ethnic, feminist, gay, lesbian, literary, and thriller novels.

You can find this information and more at Writers Market.

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Blog Hop: Gratitude Giveaway

It is time for another giveaway that is attached to a blog hop. The blog hop is courtesy of I'm A Reader Not a Writer. Be sure and go to the blog to see a list of all the participating blogs and enter to win. The contest will run from today until November 27, with the winner be chosen on November 28.

I am giving away a $10 gift card to Amazon. I never know what book to offer and think a gift card is the best way so you can pick what you want. This contest is simple to enter, just make sure you are a follower and leave a comment letting me know that with an email address so I can contact you if you win. The giveaway is open to everyone, it doesn't matter where you live. Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog Tour: The Song of Unmaking

The Song of Unmaking by D. Barkley Briggs

Reading level: Ages 13 and up
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Living Ink Books (October 14, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0899578659
ISBN-13: 978-0899578651

He was once the greatest champion in the land. Then he disappeared. With Nemesia's defeat, the Barlows have helped turn the tide in the Hidden Lands. But the victory is short-lived. An even greater evil stirs in the north with a fierce new army bent on destruction. As the twins, Gabe and Garret, discover their own special powers, a thin thread of hope emerges: long ago, a fabled king was rescued from death on our world and hidden on Karac Tor. Who is he? Each brother has their part to play. Hadyn must travel north to warn the land rulers, which leaves Ewan with a bitter choice. Will he sacrifice what is most precious to discover whether Corus lives? Even more important, if Corus is alive, can he wake the Sleeping King of legend...before it's too late?

About the Author:

D. Barkley Briggs is an author with a background in radio, public relations, product development, and-for eleven years-pastoring. He and his wife Jeanie, both previously widowed, live in the Midwest along with their eight children. (Yes, we are regularly amazed, too. Learn more at

My review:
I must say that I am a huge fan of Robert Jordan and I compare most to his writing. Therefore, it takes a great deal from a fantasy/science fiction writer to get my interest and make me a fan. In saying that, Briggs has made me a fan of his series. The book is great for young adults and adults and has a strong Christian influence in the story. The story weaves between the known world and a hidden world and allows the reader to dream and escape reality, if even for the length of the book. I think this is a great book to bridge the young reader into young adult books, they can transition easily into longer prose and a world that grows with their imagination.

Make sure you go to the author's site and check out a fantastic giveaway, you can click on the right side box labeled as Readers Dream Contest. Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spalding University: MFA Program

I am contemplating applying for the MFA Program in creative writing with an emphasis in Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction and have been diligently researching the program at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. I am on the search for anyone that has gone through this program and can tell me what they liked, didn't like, etc. Any info that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review: Amazing Adventures of a Nobody

Title: Amazing Adventures of a Nobody
Author: Leon Logothetis
Genre: Travel Memoir
Publication Date: October 15, 2011
Pages: 290
Price: $14.95
ISBN 13: 978-0-9843081-3-2
Publisher: Bettie Youngs Books
I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

In a time of economic anxiety, global terror, and shaken confidence, the Star of the National Geographic Channel’s Amazing Adventures of a Nobody, Leon Logothetis, shows us what is good about mankind: the simple calling people have to connect to others.

Tired of his disconnected life and uninspiring job, Leon Logothetis leaves it all behind: job, money, home, even his cell phone and hits the road with nothing but the clothes on his back and $5 in his pocket, relying on the kindness of strangers and the serendipity of the open road for his daily keep.

Along the way, Leon offers up the intriguing and charming tales gathered along his one-of-a-kind journey riding in trains and buses and big rigs and classic cars; sleeping on streets and couches and firehouses; meeting pimps and preachers, astronauts and single moms, celebrities and homeless families, veterans and communists. Each day of his journey, we catch sight of the invisible spiritual underpinning of society in these stories of companionship and sheer adventure that prove that the kind, good soul of mankind has not been lost.

About the author: Leon Logothetis was born and raised in London, UK. He has a great passion for adventure, travel and interacting with people. Following his passion he created the reality travel show “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody,” where he traveled from Time Square, New York, to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles with $5 a day and relying on the kindness of strangers. The show was licensed to National Geographic International and aired in over 100 countries worldwide. Learn more at

What they're saying about Amazing Adventures of a Nobody:
“A gem of a book; endearing, engaging and inspiring.”
~ Catherine Hamm, Los Angeles Times Travel Editor

My review:
Leon is a British man that has become disillusioned with his path in life and is on the search to have more meaning and try to find out what he is really supposed to be doing. As he searches for an answer, he decides to fly to America to try to find his path. As he starts in New York City and makes his way to the Hollywood sign, the book is stocked full adventure.

Not only does the search to find his path, yet he relies on $5 a day and the kindness of strangers to get him from start to finish. The strangers that he met along the way provided food, transportation, and housing. He finds himself getting lucky as Americans are in love with his accent and want to help out a stranger in the country to reach their goal. However, he runs into trouble at times as he is accosted by others that prove to be unsettling characters.

I really enjoyed this book and loved the concept of the author stepping completely out of his comfort zone and engaging with people and life in a way that he would have never encountered in his current life in England. At times the book was a little slow and I found myself wanting more details in some of the situations he encountered but overall, I am glad that I read the book.

FYI: Leon is now traveling the country in a Kindness Cab to raise money for books for schools.

After you read the book and you want the adventure to continue, you can check out the television series based on the book.

Book Giveaway: Love and Shame and Love by Peter Orner

I have two copies of this book to giveaway. The contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and no PO boxes. Please leave a comment below or email me to enter. Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you. The winners will be chosen on November 18.

Alexander Popper can't stop remembering. Four years old when his father tossed him into Lake Michigan, he was told, Sink or swim, kid. In his mind, he's still bobbing in that frigid water. The rest of this novel's vivid cast of characters also struggle to remain afloat: Popper's mother, stymied by an unhappy marriage, seeks solace in the relentless energy of Chicago; his brother, Leo, shadow boss of the family, retreats into books; paternal grandparents, Seymour and Bernice, once high fliers, now mourn for long lost days; his father, a lawyer and would-be politician obsessed with his own success, fails to see that the family is falling apart; and his college girlfriend, the fiercely independent Kat, wrestles with impossible choices.

Covering four generations of the Popper family, Peter Orner illuminates the countless ways that love both makes us whole and completely unravels us. A comic and sorrowful tapestry of memory of connection and disconnection, Love and Shame and Love explores the universals with stunning originality and wisdom.

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My Other Blogs

I have two other blogs that I try to post on from time to time and am going to start doing much better with them. I wanted to tell all of the book people about them, just in case they have other interests like I do. I am trying to get many new followers on the other two blogs, as I will be able to offer giveaways on those if I do.

My blog that is all about crafts.
The Cross Stitch Corner

My blog that is about weight loss/food/recipes.
The Creation of Me

I would greatly appreciate followers for these two blogs.

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Book Expo America

It is a dream of mine to attend this conference and I am planning on going in 2012. I have been perusing the site to find out prices of registration and it isn't up yet. However, I don't see where ordinary people can go. Does anyone know if I have to be a part of a publishing company, bookstore, or media? And does a blog count as media?

I want to go to the Bloggers conference that will be held on that Monday and haven't been able to find any information about the price to attend or registration.

Is there anyone that has attended these that can give me more information about them? If you are going, I would love to know so we can meet up!

Book Review: Any Minute

Title: Any Minute
Author: Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: FaithWords; 1 edition (June 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446582530

About the Authors:
Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, she has written more than eighty inspirational books, including The Secret to True Happiness, 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life, the entire Battlefield of the Mind family of books, her first venture into fiction with The Penny,and many others. She has also released thousands of audio teachings, as well as a complete video library. Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Lifeƒ radio and television programs are broadcast around the world, and she travels extensively conducting conferences. Joyce and her husband, Dave, are the parents of four grown children and make their home in St. Louis, Missouri.

Deborah Bedford is a career fiction writer who began her professional life as a journalist in a Colorado mountain town. Deborah and her husband, Jack, have two children and live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

My review:
Sarah Harper is a wife, mother, and employee. Yet she seems to only see herself as the employee, as she only garners fulfillment in her life by what she accomplishes at her job. As she runs around in the rat race of life, her priorities are skewed and her life is beginning to spin out of control. Sarah doesn't see a problem with her life and how she leads it until she is in a terrifying accident.

The accident takes her on a journey that she isn't quite prepared to see. A journey that explores her past, present, and future in an effort to make her realize the changes that need to be made. Will this journey be enough to send her back to her family or will her choices keep her from being revived?

The book has a Christian based theme to it but it isn't so prevalent as to scare off readers that are not interested in that genre. The story was well written and shows the power of our everyday decisions and how faith and belief can make everything return to the correct path. I enjoyed this book and read it within a few hours over two nights of reading. I hope you will check this one out.

If anyone would like to purchase my copy (hardback), I am only asking for $6 to cover the cost of the envelope and shipping. The first one to leave a comment or email will be the new owner.

Guest Blog: Marie Spencer

Born in North Dakota, as the pioneers were dying off; reared in Iowa, where progress gobbled up farms and education was venerated. Dropped out of college and moved to North Carolina, where I found true love, real life, finished college and grad school, and became the librarian I was always meant to be. Now living in Kentucky, about which I read incessantly when I was growing up in Iowa, and loving it. Avid reader; appreciator of people, film, music, the glories of nature and the role of religion in life. Oh, I should also say my daughter calls me Pollyanna.

Thoughts on Books:
I had a story-telling grandmother, who was an avid reader and who encouraged my mom to read to her children. Living with our grandparents for some time, I benefitted from young uncles who enjoyed sharing the comics with us. The Katzenjammer Kids had us all rolling on the floor and Popeye the Sailor Man actually got us to eat (very unwillingly) spinach. All of us piled around Mom and quietly listened as she read nursery rhymes, fairy tales, legends and poems from the 1953 edition of Childcraft, the best Christmas gift she ever gave us. Despite all this enrichment, I didn't actually begin to read until 1st grade, but once started, I could not stop! I adored phonics lessons: “B says buh, buh, buh”. We were not supposed to take our reading primers home, but I could not leave Dick, Jane and Sally in my desk overnight. I took them home, reading as I walked and finishing the book before bedtime.

As soon as I understood how words were formed, I began reading the newspaper on my own. What power! And, to my mom's delight, I enjoyed reading the comics and Uncle Wiggily installments to my little brothers and sisters. She was able to cook supper in next to no time, with the youngsters gathered around the table, reading. On the flip side, I read things I didn’t understand and that made her very nervous. “What does r-a-p-e mean, Mommy?” I asked after reading a Dear Abby column. I can still see her biting her lip and mulling over how to explain it to 7 year old me.

I asked Marie to answer a few questions so we could get to know a little more about her:

Favorite Book? Pippi Longstocking -- the bravest girl in the world, who opened my eyes to what I could do and be

Favorite Author? Dr. Seuss; Pauli Murray; Kathleen Norris (1947-); Thor Heyerdahl

Describe yourself using only three words. Open-minded; Affectionate; Appreciative

You are on a deserted island, name one person and one book you would take with you.
Mother Teresa
How Does a Poem Mean? ed. by John Ciardi -- thousands of words to celebrate

Favorite tv show? Soap

Favorite food? Bread

Anything you haven’t done in your life that you want to do? Travel to the moon; Skydive; Visit New York City

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giveaway Winners

The winners for See Mix Drink are...loud drumroll...
Beth M. from NJ
Dina N. from GA

Thanks to all that entered. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book and will have a review up soon.

New Blog Feature

I posted on the blog-many months ago-that I would like to have book lovers write guest posts to appear on my blog. I always like to talk to anyone that loves books to see what they like, dislike, and give me book suggestions on titles that I must read. Sadly, I didn't have one person take me up on that offer. So, I drafted some friends to do one to get this feature started. I would still love to have anyone that would like to write a guest post to either leave a comment here or email me so I can give you the details. Come back to the blog tomorrow to see the first guest post!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I am celebrating, or rather I have been celebrating since last Friday. I need to celebrate or maybe I should cry as this one is a big one. I was trying to decide what to do on the blog for my birthday and I decided I would let you readers give me a present. I would love for you to post a comment telling me what you would like to see on my blog. It can be any suggestion that you have: tell me to get rid of something I do, tell me you like a feature I have, or suggest a new feature that you would like to see. I am open to all suggestions and want to tweak the content a bit to make my readers happier. Oh and if you would like to win a hand stitched bookmark from me, simply tell me to enter you for the drawing.