Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spalding University: MFA Program

I am contemplating applying for the MFA Program in creative writing with an emphasis in Fiction/Creative Non-Fiction and have been diligently researching the program at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. I am on the search for anyone that has gone through this program and can tell me what they liked, didn't like, etc. Any info that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


  1. I am looking into Spalding for a friend...have you found anything useful yet? The program looks amazing.

  2. I have been researching the program for a few weeks and have applied. I am working on my writing sample and that is due by Jan 15th for the spring semester. I have seen and heard nothing but really good things about the program and decided to try for it. The faculty is top notch and it was just ranked as the 9th best program for low residency MFA programs. The cost is a bit pricey but it is very comparable to other programs and cheaper than most of its caliber. If your friend needs any info I can provide, just let me know.

  3. I am a Spalding grad. I loved the program! Great community of writers, both students and instructors. There is a vibrant alumni association as well. When I applied it was one of the few programs that offered dual genre study. I studied poetry and fiction. I liked the interrelatedness of the arts component. I am still in contact with so many people who went there. There was nothing I didn't like about the program. I loved working with all of the instructors I met. They have continued to be helpful as I build my careers in writing and teaching. Feel free to ask me anything about the program. I'd be glad to answer.