Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Expo America

It is a dream of mine to attend this conference and I am planning on going in 2012. I have been perusing the site to find out prices of registration and it isn't up yet. However, I don't see where ordinary people can go. Does anyone know if I have to be a part of a publishing company, bookstore, or media? And does a blog count as media?

I want to go to the Bloggers conference that will be held on that Monday and haven't been able to find any information about the price to attend or registration.

Is there anyone that has attended these that can give me more information about them? If you are going, I would love to know so we can meet up!


  1. I'm dreaming of attending this one too! I've done some research and it looks like anyone can attend. I will also be going to the BBC. Last year the tickets were $120 and that included the BEA. I'm keeping my eye on the sites, waiting for more info.

  2. I went for the first time this past year. I talked to a bunch of the bloggers while waiting in all of the lines and the basics were this. Most of the bloggers who did not go to BBC registered themselves as media so they could attend for free. I don't know if BEA is going to crack down on this for the 2012 show, but that is how most of them did it. Andrea is right about the BBC conference fee including BEA attendance. I met a couple of bloggers who went that rout was well. As BEA approaches, you will see a lot of other bloggers plan, and you can get lots of tips from them. I will say that it was OVERWHELMING. I was in so much pain by time the 3 days were up. Not to mention the load of $$ I dropped shipping my books back.

    I have mixed feelings on going back. I managed to get my work to pay for my hotel, but I don't really know if I got a lot of work value out of the conference. Personal value, heck yeah! I just had a lot of guilt because work wise I only need a day, but I was there for all three days.