Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Blog Feature

I posted on the blog-many months ago-that I would like to have book lovers write guest posts to appear on my blog. I always like to talk to anyone that loves books to see what they like, dislike, and give me book suggestions on titles that I must read. Sadly, I didn't have one person take me up on that offer. So, I drafted some friends to do one to get this feature started. I would still love to have anyone that would like to write a guest post to either leave a comment here or email me so I can give you the details. Come back to the blog tomorrow to see the first guest post!


  1. I will do one if you still want. Have to get my thoughts together and see what I can do.

  2. I love GPs. They are so much fun. If you like Paranormal Romance authors I'd love to help out.

    Aine ~ House Millar series

  3. I must've missed your call. I'm willing to participate. I'm at http://proudbooknerd.com