Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Giveaways

I wanted to make a post about the book giveaways that I offer here on my blog. The giveaways are sponsored by publishers that allow me to post about them on my blog. Once the winners have been randomly selected, I send the name and address directly to the publisher. The books are sent out from the publisher, I do not send the books out. I do not have the books in my possession to send out and I felt I needed to clarify as there has been some question as to the delivery of books that are won on my blog. I apologize if anyone has not received a book that was won on this blog as I have submitted all names up to this point for all contests ever held on this blog. If you do not receive a book, I contact the publisher to let them know and then it is again up to them to research as to whether the book was mailed out and/or send out a new copy or not. Often a winner will have won the book on more than one blog but the publisher will only send the winner one copy and that can play a factor as well.

I do want to be notified if you do not receive a book so that I can do all I can do and work with the publisher to get you a copy. However, I do ask that you please do not email me numerous times with harassing comments about me sending out a book that was won. With that being said, I hope that everyone will still enjoy the blog and the contests I offer and understand how the process works.

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