Thursday, September 9, 2010

Q & A with C. Allyn Pierson

C. Allyn Pierson Interview; Author of Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister

1. Describe your fascination with Jane Austen. What started it?
My real fascination with Jane Austen began when I had an au pair who was from England and is a big fan of JA (and Colin Firth!) When I read Pride and Prejudice when I was in school it did not come across as a great love story to my jaundiced eye. I think the 1995 BBC series made a huge difference for a lot of people because we could visualize that characters and the subtle interactions and could see the clothes and the houses, etc. This made it much more real when I went back to the book (over and over). Now I love reading Austen and every time I pick up nuances I did not notice before.

2. Why did you choose to write about Georgiana?
I think Georgiana is a very interesting character because she is mentioned over and over by Miss Bingley to get Darcy’s attention and to make Elizabeth feels inferior, but Elizabeth doesn’t meet her until late in the book, and even then it is very briefly. Elizabeth and her aunt realize that Georgiana is very shy, but they do not get to know her well because they must leave for home when Lydia runs off with Wickham. Because she is such an enigma and there is so little factual evidence, there is a great deal of room to develop her character in a sequel. Also, her age makes it clear that her coming-out would be very soon and the difficulties of appearing in Society for an extremely shy girl would be considerable, so there are lots of dramatic possibilities.

3. How do you find time to write with your career as a doctor?
I only work as a Dermatologist part-time because I have a son with autism. He does not live at home now, but when he did he went to bed early and I was at home with him. I had plenty of time to write after he was in bed and during the day when he was in school. I also do not watch television at all, and have not for about 15 years, which leaves much more time to do creative projects like writing books.

4. Further writing projects? Will it include more pertaining to the Jane Austen saga?
I have at least a couple more Pride and Prejudice sequels I would like to write- one about the second year of the Darcys’ marriage when some unexpected problems throw them for a loop, and another about Anne de Bourgh and her relationship with her mother and husband.

5. Favorite book? Favorite author?
As you might guess, Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice. I am also a big fan of Laurie R King’s Mary Russell books- they are beautifully written and I have read them over and over.

6. Anything else you would like to share with our readers!
I am currently trying to sew a Regency ball gown for the Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting- they have a ball the last night of the meeting and I feel that I should at least attempt to conform! It would be shocking for an Austen sequel writer to not have at least 1 Regency gown!

Pride and Prejudice continues...
Georgiana Darcy grows up and goes in pursuit of happiness and true love, much to her big brother's consternation
A whole new side of Mr. Darcy...
He's the best big brother, generous to a fault. Protective, never teases. But over his dead body is any rogue or fortune hunter going to get near his little sister! (Unfortunately, any gentleman who wants to court Georgiana is going to have the same problem...)
So how's a girl ever going to meet the gentleman of her dreams?
About the Author
C. Allyn Pierson is the nom-de-plume of a physician, who has combined her many years of interest in the works of Jane Austen and the history of Regency England into this sequel to Pride and Prejudice. She lives with her family and three dogs in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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