Friday, December 28, 2012

New Blog

I have been thinking for awhile that I would start a new blog. I currently have two of them, one that is all about books and the other one that is all about cross stitching and crafts. I want to have one blog to combine all my interests and just life in general. However, Im having a really hard time coming up with a great name for it. So, I am asking for your help. Submit a blog name to me by leaving a comment below. The winner will win a $10 amazon gift card.


  1. The Cross Stitch Reader
    Words and Stitches
    The Crafty Reader or The Crafty Book Lover

  2. Books, Crafts and Interests blog.
    My Everything
    Books, Crafts and Cross stitch with me.

  3. Books, Crafts, & More
    My favorite Things

  4. My suggestions are:
    Life As I Know It
    My Life With Books
    Books and Crafts
    Creatively Bookish
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com