Friday, August 26, 2016

Greater Movie and Giveaway

Have you ever had a dream? A dream that you knew was more than likely impossible to reach and many others thought the same thing? Yet, you still held on to that dream and did everything possible to make it happen? I love to hear stories of people that accomplish the impossible, even if it doesn't always end in a happy ending. I like to cheer on the underdog and it gives me inspiration for my own life and dreams.

I encourage each of you to watch the movie entitled Greater. It is the story of Brandon Burlsworth, a guy that dreamed of playing football for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Brandon, as a walk on with the team strives and overcomes and accomplishes his goals. However,the story is about more than a dream, it is a movie about family and faith and sometimes bad things happen to those good people. This movie gets me very excited as I am thrilled that more movies based on Faith and Christianity are starting to be produced. And that these movies don't always show that everything is happy and all works out in the end. There is so much I want to share on this movie yet I don't want to list spoilers so please go watch this movie this weekend!

To share in my excitement on this movie, I have four football jerseys to giveaway. Please comment below with a way to contact you and I will pick a winner on Friday, September 2.


  1. I'm all for cheering for the underdog. Thanks for the highlight.


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  3. My son saw an early screening of this movie... He loves it and said if you loved Rudy you will also love this one! chickiebrewer1atgmaildotcom

  4. Looks like a great movie

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  5. Can't wait to see this movie!

  6. Looks great! wonderfluf [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. I love sports movies and especially football. My son and I would have a great time watching this!