Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest Blog-Lindon King

Lindon King, author of The Wounds Have Healed...the Scars Are Bleeding!, has graciously taken the time to write a guest blog post. Be sure to check out his book below the post.

Is there a specific time for us to help?

In my book; The Wounds Have Healed...The Scars Are Bleeding! I wrote about the people of Haiti who have been faced with so many challenges. I also made mention that they have been crying far too long and something has to be done. It is no secret that the country has been plagued by corruption because of the greed and the selfish behaviour of a few. In spite of the situation and circumstances they encounter, they are a good people with a fighting spirit and the desire to to survive.. When they gained their Independence, they reached out to the enslaved colonies and offered a place of refuge to those who managed to escape the hands of their cruel masters.
To add to their already crumpled life, in January of this year their world came tumbling down, many lives were lost and the lives of those who survived the quake came to a halt. The international communities reached out and assisted in many different ways but, the greatest and most admirable help that was offered was the help rendered among themselves. Yes, they are a good people and have always been trying to help themselves, but did it have to take the act of a natural disaster to reveal their cries and their many calls for help?
They have always been crying and asking for help, so many have tried to escape their crumpled world in search of a better life on other foreign shores. Many perished in search of that better life, but maybe it's just that we believe their cries were not loud enough. Is it too ambitious for one to try to achieve a better life? So many things have been said about the people of Haiti but their strength and courage to survive confirm that they are no less of a person than you and I.
Is there a specific time to offer our help to someone who has always been in need?

Thank you,

Lindon King

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  1. I agree, they are very strong and resilient people. My prayers are with them.