Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urban Lit Blog Tour-Wahida Clark

Life in the streets take on a whole new meaning in this urban anthology of "hood" tales compiled by New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark.


Black Is Blue by Victor L. Martin delves into the life of a corporate woman who falls
in love with a thug and finds out just how easy it is to stray from the
straight and narrow.

Eighteen and hungry Wiz's only addiction to drugs is the money it made. But Crystal changed all of that and
shows him just how powerful a woman can be in The P is Free by LaShonda Teague.

In The Last Laugh by Bonta, Bobo, a member of the infamous Eight-Trey street gang, learns
that gang life isn't all it's cracked up to be as "street wars" take on
a whole new meaning.

Shawn "Jihad" Trump tells the story of loyalty, love and honor, when The Point Blank Mob is brought to its
knees leaving the crew fighting for their lives and freedom in All for Nothing.

And New York Times bestselling author, Wahida Clark, introduces Nina, a woman tired of
being disrespected by men who takes revenge to the ultimate level in Makin' Endz Meet.

About Wahida Clark:
Wahida Clark was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. She is no stranger to the hard work and sacrifices that breeds success. This Jersey girl owned and operated multiple businesses in Trenton, NJ and Decatur, GA. She decided to write street fiction while incarcerated at the women's Federal Prison Camp in Lexington, Kentucky.

She was crowned the Queen of Thug Love Fiction by Nikki Turner, the Queen of Hip Hop Fiction. Wahida's style of writing is the 'TEMPLATE' for street lit. So much so, that the Triple Crown Author, Keisha Erving copied her style, words and even used her characters names. Go to and for more on this deceit called plagiarism.

But when you read her novels, they are so real you are convinced of one of three things: you know the characters, you want to know the characters, or you a character. Her Essence, Don Divas and Black Issues Book Reviews, bestselling novels include: the trilogy Thugs and the Women Who Love Them, Every Thug Needs a Lady, and Thug Matrimony, Payback is a Mutha, and its highly anticipated follow up “Payback With Ya Life.” All published by Kensington/Dafina Books.

Wahida is the first Street Lit author to land multiple publishing deals with two major publishers all while serving an eight and a half years federal prison sentence. She says it wasn’t easy.

At press, she has just completed the follow up to Payback is a Mutha, entitled, Payback With Ya Life and is now working on ‘Thug Luvin’, part 4 to her ‘Thug ‘ Series. She is also Vice President of the non-profit organization, “Prodigal Sons and Daughters,” a re-entry program for those previously incarcerated, as well as support group for at-risk youth. Anyone interested in offering assistance to this life changing program can contact them at....

Visit her at, or write her at P.O. Box 8520, Newark, NJ 07108.

Other Contributing Authors:
Victor L. Martin is the author of four published novels: A Hood Legend, Menage's Way, For the Strength of You, and Unique's Ending. He is currently incarcerated in a North Carolina prison.

LaShonda "L.L.Dasher" Sidberry-Teague is a Wilmington, North Carolina native, coming into her own as an up-and-coming author. She is the wife of author Kwame "DUTCH" Teague, one of the hottest street writers, and the mother of five children. She has found her calling in writing, and has her first novel coming soon, entitled Kiss. LaShonda lives by the a blessing and you will be blessed.

Bonta was born and raised on the mean streets of Chicago's southeast side. After graduating high school and a brief stay in the U.S. Army, he answered the streets' calling. His cost of chasing the mirage of fame and fortune was a 151-month federal sentence. While there, the legendary Joe Black inspired him to get serious about writing. Since then, he has written two novels and a few short stories.

Shawn "Jihad" Trump was born in Pennsylvania. In November 1999, Shawn was arrested and subsequently indicted by the federal government and sentenced to 84 months in prison. During his time there he learned to channel his emotions through writing. Since being released, Shawn continues to write and is also the partner of an up and coming indie label, South of the Burgh Entertainment. Shawn is married with two daughters.

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  1. This was the first "street lit" book that I'd read and I really enjoyed it. I'd definitely recommend it.