Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guest Blog-Lisa and Claire Hultin

Lisa and Claire Hultin have been so great as to do a guest blog today to accompany the review of their book entitled Love, Sex, and Deception: The Chronicles of Online Dating. Be sure and check out my review.

We are a mother daughter who have dated online, compared our notes on "internet frogs" and actually survived! We wondered what other people experience and if their experiences are universal? We posted a website called to reach out to singles everywhere to share their experiences with us. We collected hundreds of hilarious dating stories from around the country, and decided to write this trendy yet educational lit of anecdotal narratives, tips and tricks to help one another on the journey through cyber space. Part of the impetus for writing the book and the rational for our title we chose is that everyone has either experienced true love, sex or has at least been deceived once or twice while in "dating limbo." We also wanted to provide online dating advice with a unique approach instead of listing rules and guidelines in a traditional manner. We sprinkle witty advice throughout the stories of different dating scenarios. Reality is the best education! Sometimes we learn just by listening to others real life experiences. We felt like there is comfort and helpful insight in looking into the lives of others. We wanted people to also see that there is success in marketing to the masses for a relationship by including touching stories of those who got things right. Almost everyone knows someone these days who met online and eventually married.

My daughter took a semester off from College to work on this book project with me. She also wrote the chapter "Cyber Necking College Kids" which reveals how facebook is used for connecting students on campus. Not only was it fun and interesting connecting to others but a bonding experience for us as well to work as a team. We felt almost anyone who is single online or traditionally dating would identify with at least one of these stories. We now have a new website and blog that keeps up with modern trends and is pro women. We will be adding a product line of merchandise that appeals to women soon.

Lisa and Claire Hultin

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