Sunday, October 24, 2010

Online Book Club

I have wanted to belong to a book club for a good while and I have attempted to start one before. However, I have had a hard time finding members that wanted to stick with it or had time to fit one into their busy schedules. I recently posted on facebook that I was starting one and had some responses, yet once I contacted those that said they were interested, all have now backed out except for one person. So I thought that I would post here on my blog to see if there was any interest in an online book club.

Here are the details:
*The group will start in January.
*We will read one book a month.
*We will converse about the book through email. I can set up a chat room for a specific time as well, if there is interest in that.
*Everyone will get to suggest books and the group will vote on the selection to be read next.
*We will read a variety of genres.

Would you like to join? I sure hope so. Please email me at or leave a comment here with your email address to join. Please also send me a suggestion of a book you would like added to our possible reads list. I need suggestions by November 1 so we can get started voting on the January selection.


  1. I'm curious as to what the book selection will be for January. That will always help in deciding whether people want to join.

  2. I am more to Mystery Genre. So i really wants to join this club but my concern is if the book selected to read is of different genre then. I am willing to join this club. I would suggest Hell's Corner by David Baldacci.

    patelmona0113 at gmail dot com

  3. Like Mona, I most enjoy the mystery genre. I am not a big fan of romance, and do not read any fantasy, sci-fi, or paranormal. I enjoy "women's fiction" as well.
    I think I would like to join this group.
    A couple of books that I think might make for good group reads are Still Alice by Lisa Genova, Hidden Wives by Claire Avery.
    I know you are a member of goodreads, as we are friends there, but I wonder if you are a member of any reading groups there. I have joined a couple, and it seems to work great. We have 2 books, a month and you are not obligated to read them, and we have discussion threads for the selected books. We also have a section where we discuss any other books we would like to talk about. We also do "buddy reads" where a few members read a book at the same time and can either discuss as they go, or once finished. I LOVE my group! It might be worth checking out!
    lusravesandrants AT gmail DOT com

  4. I don't see anywhere to follow with GFC or Twitter...

    My name is Connie, and I think I'd invest in another Virginia Woolf novel

    thebluebookcase AT gmail DOT com

  5. Please start a monthly book club at goodreads. Anyone can start their own group! Then come back here and post the link to it. In fact, start a new post on your blog about it. If you start it on goodreads, you'll get more members.