Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: Revelation

Title: Straight to the Heart of Revelation: 60 Bite-sized Insights
Author: Phil Moore
Publisher: Kregel Books
Published Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-85424-990-6
Pages: 272
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

God inspired the Bible for a reason. He wants you to read it and let it change your life. If you are willing to take this challenge seriously, then you will love Phil Moore's devotional commentaries. Their bite sized chapters are punchy and relevant, yet crammed with fascinating scholarship.

About the Author:
Phil Moore leads a thriving church in Wimbledon, London. He also serves as a Bible teacher and evangelist within the Newfrontiers family of Churches. After graduation from Cambridge University, Phil spent time on the mission field and then in the business world. He has devoted many years to the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, and he brings them to life in the language of today in the Straight to the Heart series. When Phil is not writing, he likes getting beaten at football by his young children.

My review:
I attend a women's Bible study group on Wednesday nights and we are currently doing a study of Revelation by Beth Moore. I was excited to get the chance to review Phil Moore's book on Revelation as I can't seem to read enough about this book of the Bible right now. Revelation is often thought to be the hardest book of the Bible to get through or to understand due to its symbolic language. However, Phil Moore has written this devotional style book that breaks it down for everyone. Each chapter is small and begins with a relevant verse from the book of Revelation; he has chosen the main points of each chapter to explain the images that Paul has been given. The book is very well written and it is easy to understand. Moore uses stories from the present day to explain the meanings of each chapter. I think this is important as many have a hard time relating a document that was written thousands of years ago to their every day modern lives. While the historical perspective is given, it is not boring and Moore has found a way of tying it into his modern day stories. It is a new, fresh study of the book of Revelation and one that not only gives guidance to individuals but lays out a plan that will reignite passion for God in today's churches.

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