Sunday, July 18, 2010

CSN Product Review

A few weeks ago I received a $60 gift card from CSN so that I could review one of their products. Although CSN has over 200 stores, I wanted to choose something that was book related. I perused their sites and came across an outside lounge chair. You may be asking, "How is that book related?" Well, this chair makes it very easy and comfortable to read while you are laying out in the summmer. I always find it difficult and uncomfortable when I lay on my stomach to get in a position that is conducive to reading and this chair allows that. It has a great pillow for when you are laying on your back, but once you turn over, the pillow folds over to reveal a face cavity. You are able to put your face in this cavity, like you would on a massage table, place your book underneath the chair, put your arms through the convenient arm holes and read comfortably. The chair is easily folded with straps for easily carrying it around. I would highly recommend this chair as you can use it at home and easily take it on vacation to the beach or local pool.

You can check out the product here:

The details:
*Constructed of heavy duty polyester and annodized steel
*Ostrich patented open/closeable face cavity with face cushion and arm slots
*Soft head pillow for resting on your back or side
*Allow for hours of comfortable tanning or reading when laying on ones' stomach
*5 Reclining positions
*Easy access and egress with extra seat height
*Height of 12+" allows for easy access/egress from chair
*Carry strap for ease of transport
*No assembly required-foldable for easy storage
*Overall dimensions: 12"H x 22"W x 28.5"D
*Available in Blue only
*Cost-$57.89 with free shipping

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