Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Giveaway-Good Boss, Bad Boss by Robert I. Sutton

Ifyou have a job in the corporate world, chances are you have a boss. Indeed, pretty much everybody has a boss, whether it's someone at the supervisory, managerial, or executive level.

And if you're like everybody else, you know that keeping your boss happy with your performance is a major focus of your daily corporate life and career.

Problem is -- and as Bob Sutton made clear in his classic THE NO ASSHOLE RULE - too many of us work for bosses who are jerks. And that's the starting point of BOSS.

Based upon the thousands of letters, emails, and conversations Sutton has received since the publication of THE NO ASSHOLE RULE, he now focuses his common sense approach on what it is that truly distinguishes the great bosses in our world from the ones who are just good, so-so, or even worse.

Using real-life case studies, the latest psychological research, and a thorough scan of the pertinent literature, Sutton delivers a pinpoint accounting of what the best bosses do on a daily basis. In short, Sutton delivers the first blueprint manifesto for anyone who has ever been elevated into a position of authority -- or for those who have to suffer because of those bosses who just don't get it.

I have one copy of this book for giveaway. Please leave a comment below with your email address to win. The contest is open to US and Canada and the winner will be chosen on August 28.


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  3. I would love to read Good Boss, Bad Boss :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  6. I'd love to read this...and get some insight on some of my former bosses! haha

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  7. First thing I was always told is to keep my boss happy at any cost.

  8. I've had a lot of jobs and I could tell a lot of stories about bosses sometimes don't do things right. As someone who is in the working world, I am always trying to find literature that will help me to improve my skills.

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