Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: Journeys: A Grand Adventure

Title: Journeys: A Grand Adventure
Author: Judy Edwards
Publisher: Self Published
Pub Date: November 2010
Pages: 330
ISBN: 9781453777596
I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

Synopsis from the book:
Journeys is the remarkable story of a courageous mother and her 13-year-old daughter who faced their fears and left everything they knew to travel the world for a year. It is an exciting adventure in a time when the world was less consumed with fear and uncertainty. Journeys is the empowering tale of a woman who followed a vision and left with daughter in hand to pursue a dream.

About the Author:
I am a lifelong student of the arts, and live in Brevard County, Florida. In my earlier years, it appeared as if the Universe was doing all it could to prevent me from being an artist, but I persevered, albeit rather slowly. No matter what diversions came my way, and many did, in my heart, I was always an artist. It took me half a lifetime and a painting trip around the world for me to feel comfortable with that knowing.

I have studied Art at the Honolulu Art Academy, Rhode Island School of Design, Newport Art Museum, on Monhegan Island, Maine, and at the Ringling School in Sarasota, FL. Some of my teachers have left a lasting impression: James Koga, Evelyn Rhodes, Don Stone and Leslie Neumann, to name a few.

Having abandoned the anxieties of my youth, and reaching a semblance of comfort in my middle years, I make art because I love it and it is the one thing I would choose to do above all others. My insecurities and fears have had me locked into realism of all persuasions for years. A recent conversation through a medium with Arthur Dove, helped me to burst through that fear and it has been marvelous!

In my search for something else, I found Encaustics. It was like meeting an old friend that you haven’t seen for a while but could continue the conversation where you left off. It is intriguing, mysterious, magnificent, marvelous, seductive and fun. Life is Good.

My review:
Judy Edwards and her daughter Jill took an amazing journey around the world. Judy, feeling the pressures of marriage, motherhood, and the world in general, was on the search for something more and this trip was a new beginning. From Chile to Thailand to Greece, just to name a few, the trip was filled with adventure, disappointment, joy, painting, and a new found liberation. The book reads like Judy is sitting beside you telling her story and the details of their amazing trip. At times I wished for more details, yet the descriptions she does give, made me feel as if I was right along side her in the journey.

As Judy says, "Our goal is to release who we are not and discover who we are meant to be." The book is the story of an actual trip taken, yet it is so much more. It is the story of a journey of life and finding one's path and learning to find comfort in yourself. The book really spoke to me as I often feel like there is something more for me and I can't ever quite figure out what it is or how to get it. However, it has made me think more about my journey and how to figure out what is missing for me to make my journey more complete. I hope that you will all read this book and think about your own journey for your life.

Please go visit Judy's site at to find out more about the book and Judy's paintings. She is currently donating 10% off all sales for her paintings to the Central Asia Institute to promote education for girls in Pakistan and Afganistan. You can read more about her 10% pledge on the site.

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