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Book Review and Giveaway: Before You Launch Your Business

Title: Before You Launch Your Business: How to decide if being an Entrepreneur is for you
Author: Ruchira Agrawal
ISBN: 978-0-9868390-0-9
Pages: 63
Format: eBook
I received a free copy of this ebook from the author for my honest review.

My review:
Ruchira Agrawal was very informative on what you need to think about when you are contemplating starting your own business. The book contains information on what it means to be an entrpreneur and it gets the reader to explore different aspects of their lives to see if starting a business is for them. I particularly liked that a quiz was included so you can think about your personal qualities and decide if you are better at being the boss or an employee for someone else. The book is refreshing in that it does not overwhelm the reader and states simple, practical advice. The book is a great tool for anyone doing research on starting their own business. The author offers career counseling and you can sign up below to enter to win a free consultation.

About the Author-as listed on her site:

Ruchira Agrawal is the CEO of InnerVeda Communications and a Mindset and Intuition expert. She is an Intuitive, Coach for Businesses and Individuals and an Author. She calls herself a Spiritual Entrepreneur who makes a living doing what she absolutely loves to do. After having lived in San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years, she currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Her Personal Story

Ruchira embarked on a journey of self-awareness in 1995. A short term illness that triggered a Near Death Experience is what proved as a catalyst for it. This (NDE) experience created some dramatic shifts internally for her that led to opening up her psychic senses, changing her outlook on life - dreams, goals and desires; and finally helping her discover her own Purpose in Life. Why was she here on earth, What Work was she supposed to do - these were some of the deeper questions she had wondered about before and they had finally gotten answered.

Having found the clarity to her Life's Work and Purpose, next step was to act upon her findings and make things happen, in other words, translate them into real life. This meant taking big risks including leaving a life of security and ease behind, making a total career shift and embarking on a brand new path with little or no support personally or otherwise. With no one besides her to hold her hand, to guide, to show her the way, it meant she had to walk and do things on her own. All she had to go by was her faith and an intense urge to follow her Purpose. Not all the pieces to the puzzle (what lay ahead) were evident right away, a lot of it required walking in faith until the next step was revealed.

'It was tempting just to hold onto the old life rather than to step into the unknown all alone' she says, 'but the pull to move forward and fulfill what she was meant to do was far greater'. Around the same time, she also became a victim of the US economic recession (2001-02) that caused her to get laid off; the company she was employed at decided to close down its operations. This was a sign enough for her to know that it was time. Being at a juncture where she was just one month's rent away from being without a home, she took the leap forward. She had nothing to lose and rest as they say is history.

She started enriching and educating herself by taking courses and self-studying. First informally and later more formally, Ruchira started fulfilling her Life Purpose of assisting others, spreading her message and what she had learnt via services and products that make a difference. Her greatest joy is in providing clarity and assisting people work through what's holding them back from achieving their goals and passion. Her work is ever-evolving and so besides working with Individuals, she also later started to work with aspiring and existing Entrepreneurs that want to succeed but find themselves stuck.

She is continually a student of life and mind, passionate about living the best life she can. She loves to impart what her discoveries and findings are with her clients.
Her Current Work

The services and products that Ruchira provides for her clients is what resonates with her in her heart. When she initially began her work, she concentrated on providing insight and higher guidance to people. She enriched her self in the fields of metaphysics and personal development gaining deeper insight into the Power of Self and mind as well as on eternal quest subjects such as Happiness and Balance. She started working with companies, applying her intuitive senses in every day business practices. She already had the prior corporate world experience so that made it easy for her to understand business situations. As time went on, she started realizing that what her clients needed was much more than clarity, they needed tools and a guide map of sorts to help them get to their goals. They often did not know how to up level, whether it was in business or in life. What she also realized was that more than often, what stands in the way of a person's success is actually their own mindset. And if they just worked through unproductive and toxic behavioral patterns and beliefs, a lot could get accomplished. So she studied Hypnotherapy to understand the Human Mind better - both conscious and sub-conscious and it's inner workings. With a natural flair for Coaching, she slowly started integrating everything, customizing it for individual clients and thereby providing unique and a more whole rounded approach.

Her work with Business owners and Solopreneurs primarily centers around Marketing and Mind-set, helping them personally grow, so they can excel as business owners. It combines her rich experience in these fields for over 20 years. More on her work can be read by visiting the specific pages on the website.
Ruchira brings a unique blend of education, experience and talent to her work. Working with her is like getting the best of both worlds in many ways; she has the business (management, marketing, entrepreneurship) background which is backed by extensive personal and spiritual development experience.

Ruchira is the author of Before You Launch Your Business, a book offering entrepreneurial wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs.She has authored numerous Entrepreneurial, Intuition, Self-Help and Motivation related articles. You can find her online and even in Print Magazines. Most of her work consists of Private consultations with clients based in US, Canada and India. Connecting via modern technology has made it easy and convinient to connect. Her interest in human behavior, psychology coupled with desire to lead an authentic fulfilling life, forms the basis for many of her transformational workshops and seminars. She considers herself as a student of life, continuously working on expanding her own consciousness and sharing her learning and findings with her students and those who come in contact with her. She is currently involved in creating books, e-books, programs for entrepreneurs that are informational, educative and thought provoking at the same time.

Her latest project launch is a Business Program focused solely on women, called - Purpose Rich Women's Business Program ! This is designed for aspiring, newbie and existing entrepreneurs.

Ruchira's Expertise

Intuition - Helping you connect with your Intuition so you can utilize that in Business and Personal Life
Mindset- Clear the mental clutter for clarity, increased focus, achieving business and personal goals. Work through unproductive thoughts and belief patterns
Helping you discover and lead meaningful, purpose-rich life
Helping you create meaningful, purpose-rich businesses and career for increased personal satisfaction and success
Strategies for expansion of mind, spirit and wealth consciousness
Motivation and Personal Development
Education and Experience

Master's in Business Administration
Certified Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists
Certified Past life regression therapist

Work Experience

20 years of total work experience in the Service industry, in fields of Personal Development, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Recruiting
60,000+ Business and Personal sessions

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