Monday, November 30, 2009

Book Review-Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio with Tom Roland

Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio by Diamond Rio with Tom Roland
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-5955-5268-6
Price: 24.99

I received this book for free from the publisher for purposes of posting the review on my blog.

Beautiful Mess is the story of the country group called Diamond Rio. The group has been around for a little more than 20 years now and this book chronicles their journey in the music business. The book shares how the group was started and the ups and downs and hard work that it took to get them where they are today.

I enjoyed the book as it lays out a chapter for each member to give their own personal history. The reader is able to see each member from their birth and growth in music, their journey with Diamond Rio, and other outside interests they are involved in. As the book is written in part by the group and it gives a more personal touch to the book to hear their story in their own words. The book allows the reader an inside look to see that musicians are human and the journey to success is often not what most fans think it is. The book contains a plethora of pictures and an appendix listing the groups hits and accomplishments.

The book also offers what is known as Nelson Free, where you purchase the actual book and you have access to download the book for free as an audio book and an ebook.

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