Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review-How To Be Famous by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

How To Be Famous by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Hachette Book Group 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-55591-3
Price: 19.99

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher to review for my blog.

Heidi+Spencer=Speidi I am sure there are very few people that haven't heard some combination of those names in the tabloids over the past few years. Heidi and Spencer got their start on the television show, The Hills, and now they are looking for any possible way to stay in the spotlight. I thought this book would be geared towards teenage girls, the fans of The Hills, or anyone that is known as a celebrity tabloid watcher. And in fact it was. However, I would be very surprised if even any of their loyal fans would be happy with this selection. I know that I am making a huge assumption here, yet, I can't imagine that anyone would really think the tips offered in the book would make them famous.

I had decided that once I had read and reviewed the book, it would be given to my 13 year old cousin, who is a fan of Speidi. Yet, after reading this book, she will not get it. I think this book is nothing more than a promotion of how to get what you want by using whatever means necessary, without any regard for anyone or anything. As Spencer says in one of his sections, "It's at this point that we feel the need to pause and remind you that having a conscience is for losers. Don't EVER feel bad." The book has several similar quotes scattered throughout the pages and lends to the reader of the character that both possess.

I am grateful to Hachette for providing me with review copies often, however, I am very disappointed by this selection. It essentially gives the tips on how to be a mean girl and the approval for treating people that way. I am sure this book will sell many copies because of their tabloid celebrity, however, I find that it promotes the wrong message to the teenage girls that will read it.


  1. i hope this doesn't sound too mean, but I am so sorry you even had to read this book for review!

    Thank you so much for being honest about your review!

  2. Personally these two kinda make me feel queasy. I didn't even know what they were on - until my 12 yr old neighbor told me. All I saw were them on gossip shows all the time. Yes, sorry you had to read this. I feel my IQ dropping just looking at the cover. New follower, like the honesty of your review. - Parajunkee