Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Review: Miscarriage of Justice by Kip Gayden

Miscarriage of Justice by Kip Gayden
Center Street books-A division of Hachette Book
ISBN: 978-1-59995-197-3
I received a free copy to review from the book publisher.

Miscarriage of Justice is an historical novel based on actual events that took place in 1913. It is the story of Dr. Walter and Anna Dotson and events that would change their lives forever. The Dotson's are a prominent family in a small Tennessee town and their actions would shock the community, like it had never been before. Mrs. Dotson has an affair and eventually her lover is murdered. The book chronicles the story of their lives, the court case, and the aftermath of the verdict.

I finished the book after a few hours of reading in a two day span because I couldn't stop reading. The writing is engaging and makes the reader keep guessing at what will happen next. It reads like a modern day tale that one would see in today's news. The back cover sums it up perfectly as it says, "Miscarriage of Justice is a perfect blend of suspense, intrigue, and powerful courtroom drama."

About the Author: Kip Gayden attended Vanderbilt University Law School and is currently a judge of the Frist Circuit Court in Nashville, Tennessee. Miscarriage of Justice is Judge Gayden's first historical novel. You can read further info at

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  1. I've got this book in my TBR pile-I'll have to move it up now-sounds great.