Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review: The Altar of Bones

Title: The Altar of Bones
Author: Philip Carter
Publisher: Gallery Books
Published Date: March 8, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9908-4
Pages: 455
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

In San Fransicso, a homeless woman is fatally stabbed by an assailant she's been expecting for years-and her cryptic last words unlock a decades buried secret that changed history.

In Galveston, an old man makes a chilling death bed confession-"I am not who you think I am"- that serves as a warning of deceit and deception to his sons.

In Massachusetts, a cold-blooded female assassin makes an insidious pact with a corporate billionaire over a highly incriminating film.

Each of these people has ties with a woman who, decadeas ago, fled a Soviet prison camp with an ancient knowledge people would sell their souls to possess.

Drawn in to this web of danger are Ry O'Malley, a mad desperate to outrun his own deadly fate; and oe Dmitroff, a San Francisco attorney who recognizes the slain homeless woman-a woman she was told had died nearly half a century ago.

No one can be trusted in the corrosive game of cat and mouse that ensues-one that spans a century, from the frozen Siberian terrian to the serpentine streets of Paris, from the shocking revelations of a doomed Hollywood legend to the deadly machinations of the KGB and the highest office of the United States...and ultimately to the guardians of an ancient religious icon.

From revelation to startling revelation, Philip Carter keeps the pages turning and the imagination running wild, in a razor-sharp thriller that sets a new standard for compulsive international suspense.

About the Author:
Philip Carter is a pseudonym for an internationally renowned author.

My review:
The book is fantastic. It is reminiscent of Dan Brown and The DaVinci Code, yet it is sure to be a best seller in its own right. The book is fast paced and kept me guessing as to what the outcome would be. I like to think I have it figured out, only to be shocked and surprised at the twists and turns I did not expect and this is exactly what Carter does. I could not put this book down and am in hopes this author has another book out soon. I have just found a new favorite suspense author to add to my shelves.

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