Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review: Money and Marriage

Title: Money and Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples
Author: Matt Bell
Publisher: NavPress
Published Date: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61521-561-4
Pages: 219

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

About the Book:
Newlywed couples quickly discover that money is a big deal in their new lives together. Conversations about money can all too easily turn into arguments about spending habits, credit card debt, and when to make major purchases. Getting on the same financial page is essential because research has shown that the more frequently a couple fights about finances, the more likely they are to divorce. So how do you as an engaged or newly married couple work as a team when dealing with money?

Financial expert Matt Bell shows you the way. This book will help you make the most of each other's financial strengths, teaching you how to work together to build a solid financial future. Through a ten-step action plan, you'll learn how to prioritize goals, get out of debt, build savings, invest wisely, buy a house, and much more-all in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes unity. With this essential guide, you'll avoid the pitfalls and place yourselves on the path to financial success.

About the Author:
Matt Bell is a personal finance expert whose previous books include Money, Purpose, Joy and Money Strategies for Tough Times. He leads workshops through out the country; has been featured in major media such as USA Today, US News & World Report, and WGN-TV; and writes the blog.

My review:
This book is a great must have for all married couples. It is written to help the engaged or newly married to get on the same page, however, I think this is great for any married couple no matter how few or how many years they have been together. I am recently newly married and we are putting this book to good use. The book gives quizzes to assess what your financial life is all about and then it teaches you how to fix things that need help. Bell discusses everything a couple could ever want to know from the credit score, to buying a house, saving for retirement, or a college fund for your children. The book is easy to read and understand and the reader is able to really get the meaning of the tips and put them into practice easily. I enjoyed the book as it does not make the reader feel like a financial failure if they are not where they should be where finances are concerned. It is helpful and encouraging and a must have for anyone wanting to get their finances in order.

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