Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Review: Threads West

Title: Threads West
Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal
Publisher: Rockin' SR Publishing
Published Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9821576-1-9
Pages: 228
I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

This first book and namesake of the six novel series is being compared by reviewers and authors to Lonesome Dove and Centennial. The tale bursts with the adventure, romance and promise of historical America and the West.

The epic saga of Threads West begins in 1855 with the first of four richly-textured, complex generations of unforgettable characters. The separate lives of these driven men and independent women are drawn to a common destiny that beckons seductively from the wild and remote flanks of the American West. They are swept into the dangerous currents of the far-distant frontier by the mysterious rivers of the fate, the power of the land and the American spririt.

Their turbulent journeys are heartbreaking quests intertwined with romance and adversity, passions and pathos, despair and triumph.

This is not only their story. It is our story. It is Threads West, An American Saga.

About the Author:
Reid is fourth generation land and cattle. His cowboy heart and poet’s pen captures the spirit of the western landscape and its influence on generations of its settlers. His long-standing devotion to wild and remote places, and to the people—both past and present—who leave their legend and footprint upon America and the American West is the inspiration and descriptive underpinning of all of his writing.

“If your mind and spirit are seduced by images of windswept ridge tops, flutters of aspen leaves caressed by a canyon breeze, and the crimson tendrils of dying sun…if your fingers feel the silken pulse of a lover and your lips taste the deep kisses of building passion…if nostrils flare with the conjured scents of gunpowder and perfume, sage brush and pine, and your ears delight in the murmur of river current…if your heart pounds at the clash of good and evil and with each twist and turn of interwoven lives you feel a primal throb, then I have accomplished my mission.”

My review:
Threads West can be compared to Lonesome Dove, yet it is a story of the west that has its own individuality. The characters are diverse and complex, and the writing is divine. I have never been a fan of books set in the American West time period, but this book has turned that around. It gives the reader a love for the land, the frontier, and yearning for a time that is now long past. I read the book in a few hours and am eagerly awaiting book two. I can't wait to have the entire saga. It is the start of one that I feel I will read many times and want to share with friends.

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